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Evan Stein is a sharp defender. A personal injury attorney with a heart for empowering others, Evan skillfully defends his clients with a combination of wit and passion to ensure they receive justice and full compensation for their injuries. As a former Marine—managing and training more than 4,000 recruits and soldiers in California and Okinawa—Evan has a resolute sense of duty to his countrymen and women and is honored to partake in their betterment through law.

Evan is a skilled linguist and orator and is best known for crafting sharp, bulletproof arguments both in writing and in the courtroom. He is exceptional at helping juries see the human element in his clients’ cases, getting them to look beyond the simple application of rules and understand what is at stake in his clients’ lives. Evan seeks genuine connections with his clients and encourages them to be as open and honest with him as possible, believing a strong bond between attorney and client is imperative to success. He zealously advocates for each of his clients and is attentive to their needs, working expertly and diligently for them to receive the best result possible. Regardless of what has happened to you due to others’ recklessness or inattentiveness, Evan is eager to be your advocate and help you return to the life you deserve.

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3 Years Practicing
4 Years of Military Service
Corporal Military Rank
400lbs Highest Bench Max
"These guys are amazing! They really take the time to care and listen to your concerns"


Even before he started his career as an attorney, Evan was always fascinated by the law’s ability to seek out justice and peaceably settle arguments. His heart for serving the community took him to the Marines and, later, to the University at Albany to study political science. After graduating, he made due on his childhood dream of becoming an attorney and earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa. After graduation, Evan spent time as an attorney and legal aid for several law firms and nonprofits, including providing legal assistance to low-income and vulnerable Iowans as a research assistant for Iowa Legal Aid. He adamantly follows the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
In addition to being a passionate defender, Evan is exceedingly precise and accurate with his written and spoken arguments and is proud of his meticulous attention to detail; it helps him spot small (and important) ways to succeed that others might overlook. He is a professional editor for legal briefs, theses, dissertations, and business articles and uses his precision and skill with the English language to help his clients argue their cases effectively. Evan is committed to serving his clients, not just with passion, but with skill as well.


When he’s not working hard defending clients, Evan can usually be spotted at the local gym weightlifting and improving his physical prowess. He used to weightlift professionally—and he keeps training so he can do it again, and better. He’s a fitness enthusiast and has run—barefoot—more than 1,000 miles in the past four years! His love of fitness doesn’t curtail his equally fervent love of pizza, though. (He’s been known to put candles on a pizza for his birthday, instead of on cake.) He cares deeply for people and animals and especially loves dogs. Evan enjoys keeping up with politics and science and is an avid consumer of podcasts that enrich his knowledge about the world around him. No matter what he does, Evan is always working to improve himself and keep his wits sharp so that he can continue serving others with skill.

Evan showing off his strength in the weight room. Evan is an avid lifter.

Evan's Credentials

Area of Practice

  • Personal Injury
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Slip and Fall


  • J.D. – University of Iowa College of Law
  • B.A. – State University of New York at Albany (magna cum laude)

Bar Admissions

  • Nebraska
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota

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