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Seth Chambers

Husband, Father, Marine, Forthright, Motorcycle enthusiast, Veterans’ Advocate at Berry Law

Seth Chambers is a patriot with a passion for helping Veterans. As a Marine, he has stomped the same foreign soil as other Veterans.  With three combat deployments, having been stationed overseas in Japan, and 18 years of service across active duty and the reserves, Seth understands from the ground level a wide range of Veteran’ circumstances.  This is why he is successful at arguing for his clients from their perspective.  A straight shooter with a heart for service, Seth is unafraid to tackle even the most difficult claim and battles efficiently and strategically to get the best results. Determined to help other Veterans, Seth uses his passion, sharp wit, and fierce resolve to win full compensation for Veterans for their service.

Having been a VA employee, Seth has special knowledge that gives him an advantage when arguing for his clients’ disability claims. Seth is deeply familiar with the disability claims process and is able to quickly identify how to counterattack the reason for denial. He’s able to present his clients’ cases to the VA from new perspectives, often leading them to change their minds about previously denied claims. Winning these cases for his clients emblazons his resolve as a Marine to keep fighting and “lead by example,” encouraging each of his clients to never give up the battle for the benefits they rightly deserve.

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18 Years of Military Service
Colonel Military Rank
$216,961 Largest Backpay Award
365 lbs Max Bench Press

A Passion, Not a Paycheck

Seth is a proud member of the Marines Corps League.  After receiving his MBA from Nebraska Wesleyan in 2017, he began volunteering as Veteran Support Director for Big Red Challenge, a Non-Profit that supports Veteran transition to Civilian Life.  He received the Navy Commendation Medal in 2010 and in 2011 and served as a Series Commander and Executive Officer at MCRD San Diego.  He continues to be committed to service and is always willing to fight for others’ inalienable rights to live freely and comfortably in our country. And while Seth definitely has insight into how the VA system works, he says, “Most of all, I do this job because it is a passion, not a paycheck.”


Revving Up the Engine

On his off days, Seth might be spotted zooming around town on his motorcycle, working out at the gym, or exploring the great outdoors. He cherishes spending time with his two daughters and is excited every time he takes his family out to movies or events. Seth has a good sense of humor and loves to spend time joking with his friends—whether that’s about current events or his favorite movies (Star Wars and Superman).  Seth is a Marine 24/7 and lives by Honor, Courage and Commitment, continually serving his country by being an outstanding father, friend, Veteran’s advocate and an American patriot.

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