Andrew “AJ” DeLong

Case Manager

Andrew “AJ” DeLong is passionate about serving others. With two grandfathers who were Veterans, AJ has always felt a strong connection to helping disabled servicemen and women receive the benefits they deserve. AJ’s passion for service is obvious in his dedication to his work: While he began his career at Berry Law as a legal assistant, his hard work, excellence, and perseverance earned him a meritorious promotion to Veterans’ advocate in 2019. Now, AJ is making due on his dream and assists Veterans of all ages with their disability appeals.

AJ takes great pride in his work and is honored to have the chance to help our country’s heroes. He strives to help Veterans enjoy a renewed confidence in their case, which may have already been a long and exhausting battle for them by the time they get to him. AJ assures each client that he will help them get through this difficult stage of their lives. He is exceptional at finding creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles and vows to give each client the best chance at winning their appeal and the benefits they deserve.

Case Managers

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