Jason Gibson

Case Manager

United States Marine Corps 20 years of service, Veteran Case Manager at Berry Law

Case Manager Jason Gibson brings over 20 years of military service to his role of speaking up for his
fellow service members. Gibson is a retired U.S. Marine, Master Sergeant with extensive experience in
Aviation maintenance, Rotary wing, Talent Acquisition (Marine Corps Recruiting), Overseas Operations.
Over the course of his career he has successfully led, advised, and mentored at all levels, and now works
to secure VA benefits for those he has served.

“As a Veteran myself, I am excited to work on the other side and fight for my fellow Veterans to get the
benefits they deserve for themselves and their families. I am passionate about changing the entire
family around a Veteran. I believe by improving the lives and circumstances of one Veteran, it will
positively impact those around them.”

As a disabled Veteran, Jason can relate to the frustrations of navigating government bureaucracy. His
strong passion for helping others allows Berry Law to expand its capacity to serve more Veterans.  
Jason offers his clients a deep understanding of Veteran’s Affairs decisions. By analyzing the
explanations for a denied claim, it allows Jason to advise those individuals who have requested
interpretations of VA decisions on the next step in the process and will explain with clarity, the VA
regulations and policies to every Veteran in his care so he can make the system work for them.

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