Sarah Ferdico

Case Manager

Veterans’ Advocate, Small Business Owner, Mother, Wife, Case Manager at Berry Law

Sarah Ferdico is inspired to help Veterans navigate the complex VA system and secure the
disability benefits they deserve. As the spouse of a Veteran who successfully worked with Berry
Law to obtain his deserved VA compensation, Sarah experienced firsthand the difference that
effective advocacy can make. This personal connection fuels her passion for serving those who
have served our nation.
Sarah strives to be a kind and attentive listener who works diligently to understand and meet the
unique needs of every Veteran she serves. Her goal is for clients to feel heard, supported, and
confident that she will work tirelessly on their behalf to help them get the benefits they deserve.
As someone who values hard work and views challenges as opportunities to learn, Sarah is
dedicated to being a strong advocate for her clients.

Building Trust

With a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Master of Public
Administration from the University of Kansas, Sarah brings strong communication and analytical
skills to her work assisting Veterans with their disability claims.
When looking for an advocate, Sarah believes it’s most important to find someone you can trust.
She aims to be that trustworthy guide, helping Veterans feel assured in her abilities and
commitment to their case. Sarah wants her clients to know that she will be there every step of
the way, providing the skilled and compassionate assistance they need.

Pie to Pecans

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys reading, traveling to warm destinations, and engaging in activities
with her children. She is also proud of her family’s culinary legacy — her great aunt Betty
invented the delectable French Silk Pie in the 1960s, which won a national Pillsbury pie baking
contest. Sarah can often be found at local farmers’ markets, selling delectable pecan
confections through her small business, Twin Springs Pecans. She also cherishes spending
time with her husband Chris and their beloved dog, who makes sure Sarah starts each day on
time with demands for breakfast.
With her caring nature, diligent work ethic, and drive to make a positive difference, Sarah is a
valuable addition to the Berry Law team. Veterans seeking skilled, compassionate assistance
with their VA disability claims can count on Sarah to provide the trusted advocacy they deserve.

Case Managers

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