Kyle Bonnstetter

CLCW Task Force

Military Affiliation: Gunnery Sergeant, US Marine Corps, 2003 to present.

Berry Law Position: Previously a Veterans’ Advocate 2020-2022, is currently assigned to the Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water (CLCW) Task Force.

Kyle Bonnstetter is a dedicated Marine with an absolute passion for serving Veterans. While this passion was always there, it was infinitely amplified after losing a close friend and Marine Brother in 2015, due to brain cancer linked to the burn pits in Iraq. Kyle Enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2003, became a Radio Operator and was assigned to 2nd TSB, Camp Lejeune, NC.

Deployed to Iraq in 2005, and with the 26th MEU in 2007, opted to be done after 4 Honorable years in 2007. Less than one month later, missing the camaraderie, enlisted into the Marine Reserves, and re-trained into the Utilities Maintenance field. Has remained in the Marine Reserves to the present day, with exceptions to deploy to Afghanistan in 2012, and accepting a 3-year active-duty billet (2017 – 2020) from Headquarters of the Marine Corps, Wounded Warrior Regiment, assisting wounded, ill, and injured Marines transition back home.

Currently is a part of the Marine for Life Program, also under Headquarters of the Marine Corps, assigned as the Marine for Life Representative for Nebraska. Kyle is devoted to helping Veterans rehabilitate and receive the benefits they deserve. Kyle believes it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve his country’s heroes daily and eagerly looks forward to every opportunity to encourage them and assist them with receiving the benefits they earned.

As a Veteran who spent six months on and off a Navy ship and several more deployed overseas, Kyle relates to his clients on a personal level and wants them to feel assured they can trust him with even the most difficult situations and concerns. He realizes that many of his clients have already endured excruciatingly long battles with the Veterans Affairs system and are reaching out to him with a dwindling sense of hope. He reminds his clients that while no one can change the past, now’s the best time to start a new beginning. He’s resolute in doing whatever possible to win full benefits—and appropriate backpay—for any Veteran whose disability benefits have been wrongfully denied.

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