Kacey Petit

Case Manager

Kacey Petit, the spouse of a disabled veteran, knows first-hand the resources and dedication it takes to care for our disabled veterans.  Her experiences helping her husband led her to work as a Veterans Disability Case Manager at Berry Law to assist other veterans who are not receiving the benefits they earned.

Being part of an extensive military family, Kacey has experienced the difficulties of having a family member with PTSD.  The lifestyle of service and sacrifice, combined with monetary problems associated with physical and mental disabilities, and the toll they take on veterans’ families. Despite the hardships she experienced, Kacey strongly supports military service and those who wore the uniform. In addition to her husband’s service, her son and daughter-in-law currently serve in the U.S. Air Force.

Kacey’s personal background formed her passion for helping veterans get the benefits they earned. Beyond her compassion and understanding, her professional background gives her an edge: Kacey previously worked at the Veterans Benefits Administration (VA), reviewing claims and determining benefit eligibility, giving her an insider’s perspective of VA processes. She has a baccalaureate degree in sociology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and earned a certification as a medical transcriptionist.

“It is a passion of mine to support families who have made heartbreaking sacrifices,” Kacey said. “Making sure people get the benefits they’re entitled to, benefits they earned, can be life-changing work, and it’s something I’m proud to be a part of.”

When she’s not helping the team advocate for clients, Kacey spends her time reading, volunteering with her church and local community organizations, hiking and exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dogs, or spoiling her two grandbabies.

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