David Ossian

Case Manager

David Ossian will never leave another Veteran behind. After serving in the United States Marine Corps— in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm—David returned to the U.S. with a renewed passion to help other Veterans. With extensive experience in Veterans affairs and a history of success assisting them with disability claims, David is resolute in his ability to get other Veterans the benefits they earned.

David has a sincere compassion for his fellow servicemen and women and works diligently to honor their sacrifices by defending them with earnest dedication and skill. He cares deeply for Veterans suffering from PTSD or other disabilities and believes they deserve just validation for their service. David continues to volunteer with several Veteran Service Organizations to help Veterans and their families successfully transition to civilian life.

David Ossian |  United States Marine Corps Veteran | Veterans' Advocate | PTSD Lawyers | Berry Law
David Ossian will never leave
another Veteran behind.

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