Cristina Hilker

CLCW Task Force

Military Affiliation: Grandfather was in the Air Force, two uncles that are Marines, and one uncle who was in the Army.

Berry Law Position: Intake Specialist CLCW Task Force

Cristina Hilker currently works for the Camp Lejeune Justice Task Force and has been with the Berry Law since 2022. One of Cristina’s Uncles was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the early 70’s, and she wants to help him along with other Marines’ and their families who were exposed to the water contamination.

Cristina is the niece of a Corporal in the USMC as well as a private in USMC. She also has other family members that are veterans in various branches of the military.

Cristina lives in McCook Nebraska with her husband and four children. She has an AA in Journalism, as well as a Diploma in Office Technology, and is a Medication Aide. Cristina spends her “free” time running her children around to and from school, and to their different sporting events which she and her husband coach through their local YMCA.

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