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David Ossian

Husband, Father, Veteran, Traveler, Martial Artist, Veterans’ Advocate at Berry Law

David Ossian will never leave another Veteran behind. After serving in the United States Marine Corps—and being deployed to Iraq in both Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm—Dave returned to the U.S. with a renewed passion to help other Veterans. With extensive experience in Veterans affairs and a history of success assisting them with disability claims, Dave is resolute in his ability to get other Veterans the benefits they earned.

Dave has a sincere compassion for his fellow servicemen and women and works diligently to honor their sacrifices by defending them with earnest dedication and skill. He cares deeply for Veterans suffering from PTSD or other disabilities and believes they deserve just validation for their service. He has a passion to serve and continues his Marine Corp duty by helping Veterans return to a comfortable civilian life with the benefits they deserve.

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8 Years of Military Service
Corporal Military Rank
$216,961 Largest Backpay Award
2.5 Times Around the World

“Honor, Courage, and Commitment”

Dave is a Marine to his core and believes wholeheartedly in their vow to approach all aspects of life with “honor, courage, and commitment.” For his work, Dave was awarded the 2015 Midwest Division Marine of the Year and was also honored to be the former Marine Corps League National Chief of Staff. In addition to his role fighting for Veterans at Berry Law, Dave is also an active member of the National Marine Corps Business Network, where he helps connect Veterans with helpful resources for their disability claims.

As a Berry Law Veterans advocate, Dave marches forward with his mission to give back to others who’ve suffered. His reward is simply hearing the joy in someone’s voice when he can finally tell them and their family that their disability benefits have been approved in full. Dave is thrilled to serve his fellow Veterans and welcomes any opportunity to give back to his comrades with the honor they deserve.


Karate Kid

As a life-long Marine, Dave is always looking for opportunities to improve himself and keep his skills sharp. He’s a skilled martial artist and often practices karate with his wife and sparring partner, Amy. He loves to travel with Amy and their two beautiful kids—Caitlin and Liam—and he’s professed to having circled the world two and a half times! When he’s not sparring, traveling, or attending networking events for Veterans, he can be found at a golf course on a sunny afternoon with friends, or cavorting with his black-and-white pup, Hachiko. No matter where he is, Dave is always eager to include others and inspire them with his boundless energy, positivity, and passion.

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