How to Get a Service Dog for PTSD

How to Get a Service Dog for PTSD

It is no surprise that animals are being used to help veterans with PTSD. These dogs could be used to help a veteran with significant hearing loss or vision loss, or performing a task that the individual cannot perform because of a disability. Or, these animals could be used as a means to provide significant emotional support to its owner. But, how do you get a service dog for PTSD and its many symptoms? If you are interested in a service animal for yourself or a loved one, please keep reading. 

Would A Service Dog Benefit You?

Service dogs have a purpose and may not be the best option for every veteran. Deciding whether or not a service dog is right for you largely depends on your needs and your temperament. While service dogs are allowed on planes, if you traveled a lot this could be a big inconvenience and add more stress to your travels. Or, the service dog could actually relieve stress by assisting you navigate the airport and provide emotional support during your travels. There are pros and cons, you just need to decide what your needs are and if a service animal is a good fit. 

Differences Between a Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal

A service dog is specially trained to provide certain practical functions for people who need them. They are best for someone with a physical disability that prevents them from completing daily tasks. On the other hand, an emotional support dog is helpful for people suffering with mental health conditions, including PTSD and clinical depression.

Service Dog for PTSD Symptoms

Veterans with PTSD and no physical impairments may still be eligible for a service dog beyond an emotional support animal.

Because service animals receive specific training, your best bet is to go through an organization that focuses on providing service animals to people, especially veterans. You will also need VA to deem you eligible for a service animal if you receive one. More information about both of these steps is detailed below.

Organizations That Specialize in Service Dogs

If you are looking to adopt a pet primarily for emotional support, you have some options, including a typical pet shop or an animal shelter. However, if you want a service dog in your life, it is best to obtain one from an organization which focuses on training them. Here are some options that can help provide veterans with a service dog for PTSD:

  •    Soldier’s Best Friend
  •    Paws for Veterans
  •    Canine Angels
  •    Service Dogs for America

Also, you can search Assistance Dogs International by location to find an organization operating close to where you live. Many programs dedicated to providing service dogs train rescue animals to be fantastic companions. By adopting one, you are helping yourself and giving a home to a dog that would not have one otherwise.

For more information, like what expenses are covered by the VA, or additional information go to:

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The attorneys at Berry Law have seen the effects of PTSD firsthand, and we know how difficult it can be to cope with the symptoms. If you applied for a service dog but were denied eligibility by the Department of Veterans Affairs, we can help you appeal your claim.

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