Pennsylvania Passes Bill Giving Free College to Nat’l Guard Families

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed the PA GI Bill into law last week, granting free or reduced college to the spouses and children of Pennsylvania National Guard Members. The law, first of its kind in the country, moves to pay back the men and women who’ve given their time and body for the Guard.

The bill does come with a small catch though. Five years of higher education benefits for spouses and children can be earned through a commitment of six additional years of service by the Guard member. Nonetheless, the PA GI Bill is expected to benefit up to 8,000 family members of the 20,000 enlisted Guardsmen currently enlisted.

“In most cases, our family members do not wear a military uniform, but they serve and sacrifice right alongside our Guardsmen,” said Maj. Gen. Tony Carrelli, Pennsylvania’s adjutant general and head of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “We thank the governor and the legislature for leading the nation in recognizing the critical support role our Pennsylvania Guard families have in securing our safety and security.”

The bill is expected to have consequences past educational benefits for its members. It is anticipated to become a new recruiting factor in addition to increasing the Guard’s retention rate.

The PA GI Bill is a small but significant step towards ensuring out Veteran community is compensated justly and taken care of.

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