VA Disability Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

Disabled veterans who served in the Gulf War since its start on August 2, 1990, qualify for a variety of VA benefits. This includes a presumption of qualification for disability compensation if you suffer from any of several medically unexplained illnesses popularly known as “Gulf War Syndrome.” Gulf War veterans who have certain infectious diseases or, among veterans with 90 days or more of continuous active military service, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) also qualify for disability benefits.

Under VA rules:

  • Veterans do not have to demonstrate exposure to factors that caused a “presumptive” disease.
  • Veterans need only prove military service that makes them eligible for disability benefits.
  • Gulf War veterans may also seek to establish service connection for “non-presumptive” diseases and illnesses related to service in the Gulf War.

However, like all VA disability programs, the way rules are applied to veterans’ claims is not as straightforward as you might expect. Many deserving veterans find themselves short-changed. Berry Law Firm helps Gulf War veterans file for proper VA disability benefits. We have decades of experience appealing VA disability claims.

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