Episode 40

Description In this episode of the Veteran Led Podcast, John talks with US Air Force Veteran, Laurel Mitchell, at local VFW 2503 about how her experiences in the military gave her the drive and discipline to succeed as a civilian. Laurel shares stories from her journey as she went from Air Force electrician to Associate … Continued

Episode 39

Description Your network is your net worth. In this episode of Veteran Led, John Berry discusses the importance of intentional relationship-building and shares methods of finding and building rapport with the military grade leaders you want in your network. John discusses how to create trust and camaraderie by being helpful and inviting, and warns against … Continued

Do Disabled Veterans Get Property Tax Exemptions?

Disabled Veterans can take advantage of various VA benefits, including disability compensation. In exchange for their military service, disabled Veterans also often qualify for other benefits, like property tax exemptions. If you’re unsure whether disabled Veterans get property tax exemptions or how to qualify, read on. We’ll explain property tax exemptions for disabled Veterans state … Continued

VA Benefits for Purple Heart Veterans by State

Many Veterans go above and beyond the call of duty. Fewer people receive the Purple Heart medal, one of the rarest and most important decorations a military member can receive. The Purple Heart is only awarded to service members wounded or killed due to enemy action while serving in the US military. Given the distinction … Continued

List of U.S. Military Bases That Stored Agent Orange

Agent Orange was one of the most toxic military herbicides of the Vietnam War and related conflicts. Despite the healthcare concerns about Agent Orange becoming apparent shortly after deployment, the U.S. military continued using, experimenting with, and storing Agent Orange in bases in Vietnam and worldwide. The military stored Agent Orange created by multiple chemical … Continued

Krystal Klicko

Krystal Klicko served for six years in the United States Air Force, where she worked in Aerospace Control and Warning Systems, managing and operating systems involving electronic warfare, surveillance, data link management, identification and weapons control. Klicko monitored air weapons and provided radar support in offensive and defensive air operations, spending time in Florida, South … Continued

Veterans Day Deals

The following are some discounts for veterans and service members for restaurants, retail outlets, and recreational opportunities for Veterans Day, Nov. 11. While these have been verified, check your local franchise to be sure that they are honoring the discounts and for more information. These will be updated as more discounts become available. Veterans Day … Continued

N.B. Review on Google 07/2021

I hired Berry Law firm in 2017 to handle my VA disability claim. I was a legacy claim so mime took a little longer. Their attorneys are the best. I had to go out of state as I live in Florida and the law firms here are a joke. They wouldn’t take my case unless … Continued

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