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Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

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Strong Leadership Skills

  • From the day military members enter service, they are trained to be leaders.
  • Because veterans have been involved in a variety of high-pressure situations, they are capable of making quick, educated decisions in fast-paced work environments.
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Work Ethic

  • Laziness isn’t tolerated in the military, so most veterans won’t hesitate to go the extra mile and get the job done.
  • Many veterans are used to working long, unconventional hours, meaning that they’re a perfect fit for companies with last-minute project deadlines.

Education and Training

  • To ease the transition into a career after service, many military members take specialized training and education courses that focus on a specific set of skills.
  • This added training means that employers may not have to spend as much time training veterans they hire.

Compensated Relocation

  • Usually, when a newly hired employee has to relocate for a position, it’s on the company’s dime or the employee has to pay the costs.
  • However, veterans can have their relocation expenses compensated by a government-assisted program, potentially saving employers thousands of dollars.

Tax Credit Benefits

  • Employers who hire previously unemployed veterans could receive the Returning Heroes Tax Credit.
  • Employers who hire veterans with service-connected disabilities could receive a Wounded Warrior Tax Credit.
  • These tax credits could potentially save employers anywhere from $2,400 to $9,600 per veteran hired, as they can significantly decrease the salary taxes.

Common Professions for Veterans

According to data from Military Friendly,
the top 10 professions for veterans include:

  • operationsOperations Manager
  • customer serviceCustomer Service Representative
  • Computer SystemsComputer Information Systems Manager
  • AccountantAccountant or Auditor
  • MechanicsMechanics, Installers, and Repairers
  • Computer SystemsComputer Systems Analyst
  • SoftwareSoftware Applications Developer
  • officeOffice and Administrative Workers
  • Cyber SecurityCyber Security Analyst
  • SalesSales Account Representative
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