The Berry Law Announces First Recipient of its National Veteran Owned Business of the Year Award

Berry Law announced today that Dart Wars in Colorado Springs is the recipient of its annual Veteran Owned Business Award, which recognizes the efforts of Veterans to build successful businesses using their military skills while also giving back to the Veterans community.

Dart Wars is owned by Dylan Newman, an Air Force Veteran who served for 20 years in the Special Operations community. He empowers those around him, both fellow Veterans and community members who can benefit from his warrior ethos. He proudly employs teenagers who have been through the Foster Care system, mentoring teens to develop them into responsible and accountable adults while teaching them valuable life lessons he gained from his service.

One of Dylan’s proudest moments was helping rescue Americans who were trapped in Lebanon back in 2006. A conflict between two countries made it difficult for American citizens to find safety. Dylan’s unit did not hesitate to begin a rescue mission for their fellow Americans. Working tirelessly for 40 days, they successfully rescued nearly 15,000 Americans. This experience has shaped him into the hardworking man he is today. Continuing to focus his efforts on helping those around him every day.

The business is an indoor “Nerf gun” battlefield that provides an engaging atmosphere full of obstacles and barriers that both kids and adults enjoy. Their glow in the dark battles make the battlefield even more challenging and give a twist to traditional skirmishes.  Learn more at or by visiting their facility in Colorado Springs.

Dylan also supports the Veterans community by hosting Wounded Warrior events that help Veterans and their families enjoy time together in a safe environment. He also partners with Veterans Referring Veterans (VRV) to encourage aspiring Veteran entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by assisting and collaborating with them to reach their end goal. All while continuously assisting Veterans and his surrounding community.

Berry Law’s Veteran Owned Business of the Year Award recognizes a business that is owned by a Veteran that derives some of its values and operating principles from their time in service. It also considers impact of the business on the Veteran community.  The annual deadline for nominations is in July.  For a company to be eligible they must be at least 50% owned by a Veteran or Veterans, have earned non-trivial revenue in the prior year, and work to support the Veteran community.

Berry Law proudly serves Veterans Nationwide in VA disability claims. Visit to learn more about the award.