When Should You Hire A VA Disability Lawyer?

When Should You Hire A VA Disability Lawyer?

Many Veterans who are pursuing disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are fighting a difficult battle. The large bureaucracy of the VA can be confusing, and the VA claims process isn’t as straightforward as it should be. However, Veterans can enlist outside help if they need assistance appealing their VA claim.

Most Veterans have no idea that they can hire an attorney to help them appeal their claim. However, even if a Veteran knows they can hire a lawyer to help them, most don’t know when to hire a lawyer.

The Earlier You Hire a VA Attorney, The Better

If you are a Veteran and you disagree with your rating decision, you can appeal the VA decision.

You can appeal your rating decision if:

  1. You weren’t service-connected
  2. You received a rating that was too low

Having an attorney help you appeal a decision, in the beginning, can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

First off, the quicker you appeal your decision the quicker you may receive a decision from the VA. This will also ensure you give your attorney as much time as possible to craft an effective argument on your behalf.

If you wait and appeal without a professional, your claim could get stuck in an appeal cycle where you are stuck appealing your claim repeatedly because you fail to realize what arguments you need to make to get your claim approved.

Lastly, if you wait to appeal your claim, you could miss your appeal deadline. If you fail to appeal your claim within the appropriate timeframe, you will be forced to reopen your claim and could potentially lose out of thousands of dollars in back pay awards. A VA appeals attorney will understand your appeal deadline and make sure you appeal within the appropriate amount of time.

You Can Hire a Lawyer at Every Step

It is best to hire a lawyer right away, but you can hire a lawyer at any point in the claims process. There is no restriction on when to hire an attorney for your claim.

Berry Law has represented Veterans at every stage of the appeals process.

We have helped Veterans who have had a decision at the:

When you hire an attorney could determine what appeal route they choose, but your right to legal representation is not subject to any restrictions. At Berry Law, we represent Veterans at every stage of the VA appeals process.

How Much Does it Cost?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring an attorney from Berry Law to help you appeal your VA claim is we do not charge anything upfront. We do not charge a Veteran any money to take their case.

Instead, we work on a contingency basis. This means we don’t get paid upfront and we don’t get paid unless we win your appeal. So, if you need assistance appealing your VA claim, you should know that you will not need to pay a retainer fee.

America’s Veterans Law Firm

Berry Law is America’s Veterans Law Firm, and we are your fire support team to battle the VA. We won’t stop holding the VA accountable until every Veteran receives all the disability benefits they earned. With attorneys from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, we are well equipped to get Veterans the results they deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Berry Law

The attorneys at Berry Law are dedicated to helping injured Veterans. With extensive experience working with VA disability claims, Berry Law can help you with your disability appeals.

This material is for informational purposes only. It does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Firm and the reader, and does not constitute legal advice. Legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and the contents of this blog are not a substitute for legal counsel.

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