During the Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf Wars, members of the US military were often exposed to harsh desertlike conditions including harmful airborne irritants. So it’s no surprise that many soldiers are coming back with chronic lung conditions. One of these, constrictive bronchiolitis, has become increasingly common.

In a 2011 New England Journal of Medicine study, researchers took on the issue of returning Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans and their exposure to irritants caused by sulfur-mine fires, combat smoke and desert dust storms. Out of 49 veterans who agreed to undergo a lung biopsy, 38 were diagnosed with constrictive bronchiolitis. Constrictive bronchiolitis is a rare lung disease that causes shortness of breath and irreversible airway obstruction.

Many of these 38 veterans entered these war zones in top physical condition but came back barely able to run a few miles. This study is a breakthrough for veterans of recent wars trying to establish their diagnosis of constrictive bronchiolitis as a service-connected injury. Our attorneys can discuss with you the specific options for your case and help you determine the best route to pursue.constrictive bronchiolitis veterans

Get Help If You are a Veteran with Constrictive Bronchiolitis

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