“I had been fighting on my own with the VA since early 2015 over a claim for service-connected disability for the tinnitus I developed during the six-years of my service time that I spent as a Navy small arms instructor and 20mm cannon gunner. I realize that the bureaucrat’s job is to say no, and these bureaucrats did it well. And, incompetently. Even with my DD214N in front of them they couldn’t get my service dates or duty station assignments correct. It was like talking to a brick wall that had a learning disability. After my final rejection by an in-person examiner in late 2018 I thought I was at a dead end. I then saw an internet ad for the Berry Law, and figured I had nothing to lose.

I contacted Berry Law and retained them as my legal representative. The Legal Assistants I spoke to (Kiersten, Sara, and Latisa) were very helpful, easy to talk to, and sent the forms for me to provide my service information to Berry. That was turned over to my attorney, Patricia Wenzl, who went to work. Within eight months my claim was granted at 10%, and a check for retro pay was issued. Having a lawyer on your side makes a difference.

I cannot say enough good things about the Berry Law. I am firmly convinced that without their intervention on my behalf this positive outcome would not have occurred. I would recommend them to any service member who has run into that Brick Wall.

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