“Giving God all the praise in Jesus Christ’s name,first I would like to thank Miss Lorraine, for all she has done how she supported me in my time and still today she continues to support and Encouragement-me in my life today. God led me through another veteran to call Berry Law. You all looked at my case and saw how the system was not looking out for me as a person and a veteran concerning my mental,spiritual and physical need. I know that my case is with the right people and in the right hand. Words will never be able to explain my deepest happiness and learning experience to learn patience in humbling myself into becoming more grateful Under the mighty hand of God,to see how he works through people and their gifts. Concerning Berry law, you did an awesome job with my case. I think the other lawyers have something to do with my case. Mrs Emmy thank you for your professionalism with understanding. I have learned a lot and am still learning. I can write and write and write even though this is your profession as a Lawyer, But how you all give true love states more than just the gift God gave you all as a lawyer. Again thank you all and keeping my case close to your files for Further action if needed. If you need me at any time to speak on your behalf I’m willing to give all my love back to you, as you have done to me. I will continue to share the firm name with other’s Veterans until my last breath. Again to all for concern and time”

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