T.A., Review on Google 4/2021

I was treated very badly by the va for years. I chose Berry law firm Because founder of Berry law firm was a Vietnam war veteran. Veteran helping veterans. I was at 50% on my SSD/SOMATIC SYMPTOM DISORDER. Andrew/ AJ Delong filed one appeal after another. I was getting lost but Andrew Delong knew what was going on. I live in the Philippines and getting a good C&P is like gambling. You have no idea what kind of quality C&P you will receive. AJ Delong finally got me another C&P. This time I received a great C&P! I recieved a 70% from my 50% on my SSD. This put me at 90% total VA rating. This 70% up grade will alow me to appeal for TDIU, total unemployability. Which will put me at 100% total VA rating. I recommend Berry Law to all veterans who need help after undesirable decision from the VA. They only charge 30% and only when veteran wins. Right now VA is still deciding on the compensation for final decion on this matter.

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