“Where to Begin? Well let’s give credit where credit is due…THE BERRY LAW FIRM…. Disability from 10% to 90%! Let me explain! I got out of the military in April 1998. I had half of a lung removed, constant migraines, PTSD, and other issues. When I got out, I applied for disability benefits with the help of a local veterans group, with very little success. The V.A. only awarded me a miserable 10% rating of $103.00 a month, apparently that’s the value that the V.A. places on 1/2 a lung. I disputed it several times and after 2/3 years of being denied, I gave up. I got discouraged like most Vets do. So from 1998- 2009 I didn’t pursue any additional increases in disability because it just seemed so impossibly overwhelming.

When I visited the V.A. hospital in Los Angeles in 2009-2010, and chatted with my fellow military brothers. I kept getting the same response, ‘YOU GOT SCREWED.’ So I talked to a lady there that helped me file my claim. Now that my claim was filed I needed someone to fight for me. I had a lot of recommendations from friends and family but after speaking to my father, I chose BERRY LAW FIRM. My father used them as well and had nothing but fantastic things to say about them. So I gave them a shot. Berry Law firm took on my case to help me.

I got my first medical review, then a response, and an increase of 30% (overall total to 40%). I was happy with that but not satisfied. I called Berry Law firm and discussed disputing my case, and we did. They went to bat for me again. I went to my next medical review and then got another 10%. Again I was happy but not satisfied. I called Berry Law firm again and expressed my concern for the rating the V.A. gave me. Batter up! Berry Firm again disputed this with the V.A. After 5 years of tireless fighting and an exceptional amount of patience, I now have a rating of 90% and yes my claim was back dated. I went from $103 to nearly $2400 a month. I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Berry’s Law Firm. I would recommend them to any Veteran who is having difficulty with getting a rating increase. This is ABSOLUTELY the only place I would tell them to take their case. Believe me, my family, my wife, and 6 kids are incredibly grateful for the outcome and it’s ONLY BECAUSE OF BERRY LAW FIRM.

We sincerely thank you!
The Fletcher Family.”

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