“Seen a reference to the Berry Law in a post on a Facebook page and went to their website and filled out the request for information, received a call the next day. After answering a number of questions and me asking many more, decided to have them represent me in filing my denied claims with the VA. Received a contract package explaining what they would be doing in representing me, it also explained what was needed from me. Very straightforward, no ifs ands or buts provided in layman’s language. The costs involved in them representing me was fully explained and is quite simple as it is set by law and explained in the original information package.

The first claim was for an increase in rating for PTSD, from 30 to 70%, a second claim was for Sleep Apnea which was denied because I and a state VSO had made it secondary to PTSD. Through the knowledge of the Berry firm they have filed a DRO with all the legal jargon and insuring that the “Ts” are crossed and “Is” are dotted.

I feel very confident in my receiving a positive resolution to my claim thanks to the dedicated lawyers and support staff at the Berry Law.”

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