R.R., Review on Facebook 11/20/20

Where does one start, made the call to Berry Law Firm talked to a young lady named Sierra Crees who listened to my VA problems, received a packet the next day, read everything, signed where indicated and returned the forms. Was told that an attorney by the name of Jerusha Hancock would be the lead on my case. From that day forward everything was handled in an extremely professional manner, I would ask a question via email and would receive an immediate response. Jerusha assured me that all was going to be good and I would get every penny I was due. There were times when the process seemed like climbing a slippery mountain (or maybe driving down a Nebraska ice and snow covered road) but Jerusha always calmed the fears. I can not thank Jerusha and the Berry Law Firm for all they have done to get me everything due. Ronald Rytter. You may use this as you see fit.

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