J.O., Review on Google 5/2021

My name is John and my story is a long one. I suffer from PTSD and OCD. I got out of the Army back in 1997. I knew even back then that I had problems. Started filling for my benefits just a few years after I got out. Every time I have tried to get my medical records I was told to contact the Army archives. Everytime I did I would be told they are still in transit. Then I would try and file for my C&P and get denied. Time and time again this kept happening. It got to the point that I started feeling as if it was just all in my head because no one would believe me. I got so upset with the whole process that I would throw my hands in the air and say “”THAT’S IT I’M DONE, I QUIT”” My mental health continued to decline over time. My wife refused to allow me to give up. so my wife took things into her hands and finally Berry Law. She researched them for months. She finally filled out the information and set eveything up for me to talk to them. Berry Law heard my story in great detail and they said they would take my case. Long story made short I talked with Montana and her team. Montana got upset with the things I had to tell her about my story. Montana told me she was going to do eveything she could to get me what I deserved. She not only filed my claim, appealed my claim, fought for me and she not only won my case but did it in under a year. I now have 70% and Montana her team and I are still working on getting me to 100%. To say that Montana saved me is the understatement of the year. I was in a bad place with my mental heath. When I got the news that I had won my claim I lost it. I broke down with such an overwelming sigh of relief and flood of joy that after almost 24 years of fighting on and off again was finally over and it NEVER would have happened without my wife, Montana, and her team. To say that I recommend Berry Law to any vetern having problems with the VA would be the understatement of a LIFETIME!!!!

Thank you Berry Law and most importantly Thank you Montana for everything you have already done for me and all that you are going to do for me. I could NEVER repay you for what you ahve done for me, my mental health and my family.

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