G.W., Email Testimonial 11/3/20

First of all your law firm (Berry Law) came through for me. Hurrah, Hallelujah is what I have to say about the painless process. You helped me when so many others could not even complete a claim form and then I taught myself and finally earned forty% and to my way of thinking that was the end of the road until your firm surprisingly came to my rescue!

I was told not to get my hopes up because it could take as long as 18 months and I accepted that input.

To my surprise, Berry Law convinced the VA to review my PTSD request and I was granted an additional 30%. I was blown away when that amount of money was added to my checking account without any notification. In street vernacular that “blew” me away. Most recently I was informed by Amasa Hartwell that on November 9, 2020, that 2 additional claims were entered for me at the VA, what a blessing you are being to this family. My wife set me straight “pay your debtors immediately” and I have and this morning I have a FICO score of 729. I will pay off my new Trane Heat Pump in a week’s time because on July 30, 2020, the heat pump dies and a loan was needed to have clean cool fresh air come into our home again.

All my bills are now non-existent and my wife has a smile on her face again something I have not seen in quite a while and I owe it all to my belief in Jesus Christ and the Berry Law, you folks are the bomb!!!!!!!!

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