G.R., Review on Google 4/2021

Hiring Berry Law Firm to represent me before the VA was the absolute best decision that I ever made!

Within just a few short weeks of hiring this firm I got scheduled for my TDIU examination resulting in the VA granting me TDIU benefits which were made Permanent and Total. In addition, my combined disability ratings increased to 90% from 50% with further increases very possible in the very near future.

The attorney handling my VA claims, David Hoeser, is an extremely competent, hardworking, and determined individual who wasted no time in filling out all the necessary paperwork that resulted in my early TDIU award. Mr. Hoeser’s due diligence, passion, and determination to fight for my rights made it possible for me and my family to finally get the VA benefits that we long deserved and hoped for.

Mr. Hoeser is passionate about his work representing disabled veterans and his handling of my VA claims shows that he cares deeply about his clients. He has represented himself with professionalism and elegance, and his actions reflect very positive on the entire staff of Berry Law Firm. I am extremely pleased with his work and my TDIU award is proof of it.

Amasa Hoeser, David Hoeser’s legal assistance, has been pleasant, cordial and very prompt in my communications with her. Together with Mr. Hoeser, they provide top notch legal services to disabled veterans like me who could no longer afford pursuing the VA on this own.

My advice to any disabled veteran who feels neglected or abandoned by the VA is to seek out the legal services of Berry Law Firm before it is too late.

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