D.C., Review on Google 2/2021

David Ossian of Berry Law returned my call when I contacted Berry Law to assist me in my interactions with the VA. He and their staff professionally obtained all information from me reference to my inquires, presentations, and claims with the VA and then proceeded to represent myself and my issues as I never could have. Heck, I have no experience and don’t know who or where to go within the VA to start from. David and staff were able to put forth my points, issues, and concerns with the VA in a way I was never able to do. They know exactly what to do for every step in the process. And in the end all worked out to my COMPLETE satisfaction benefiting the VA, Berry Law, and Myself.
I am totally satisfied and ecstatic reference to the results obtained from our presentations and interactions with the VA.
I highly recommend anybody and everybody who has a side to present to the decision makers of the VA to utilize the experience and skillset that Berry Law can bring to the entire process. Without Berry Law the I would have been lost. BERRY LAW FIRM — THEY ARE THE BEST !!!
Dan C.

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