D.H., Review on Google 6/2021

Years of appeals, denials, frustration and extreme anxiety brought on by each encounter with the VA wall of bureaucracy left me a mental wreck. I finally contacted Berry Law in February of this year via a fellow Combat Vet who had worked with them previously, and in just two months, Berry Law found numerous significant errors and failures on the part of the VA to handle my case properly.

Although Berry Law just recently filed the Higher-Level Review documents for my case and I won’t have a final decision for months, just the arguments Berry Law made on my behalf have me so grateful for their hard work. I feel as if a giant boulder has been rolled off my back, and I couldn’t be happier with their efforts. Everyone I spoke with at Berry Law were extremely caring, genuinely concerned and truly professional, which also made interacting with them a pleasure.

If you know ANY Vets dealing with VA bureaucratic nightmares… CONTACT Berry Law… They are setting the benchmark on how to properly treat and support the American treasures known as… Our military Veterans.

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