The female soldier, sailor, airman or Marine has proven herself a capable warrior in defense of the United States. Although the existing regulations limit a woman’s role to support missions far from active combat, our enemies often do not fight by our rules. The realities of modern military life expose our women in uniform to the stress and horrors experienced by those who protect our American freedoms.

Women Veterans and PTSD

Statistically, women will suffer mental and emotional effects from PTSD in numbers far greater then men. But by no means is this a sign of weakness. Many psychological experts have argued that these numbers are based on higher intelligence or a different means of intellectually coping with such stress and horrors.

Women serving in the military are also at an increased risk for sexual assault. While recent reports suggest that these incidents are becoming less and less common, the fact of the matter is this: In a rigidly structured institution like the U.S. Military, even one sexual assault is too many. As if this wasn’t bad enough, many of the accused men go unpunished. Even worse, sometimes these crimes are not even reported for fear of reprisal or alienation. The victim is forced to suffer in silence. Obviously, this kind of experience can cause significant emotional and psychological problems.

To its credit, the VA is beginning to appreciate these facts, thanks to aggressive arguments voiced by veterans, veterans’ advocates, the Congress and even the highest levels of the military command. Whether caused by the stress and horrors of combat or by sexual assault by a fellow soldier, the VA accepts these events as recognized causes of PTSD.

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