Honoring Heroism: Commander Chris Hove and the Mission Service Award

Honoring Heroism: Commander Chris Hove and the Mission Service Award

The Mission Service Award: A Tribute to Valor

The Mission Service Award by Berry Law stands as a beacon of recognition for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our nation. As part of Berry Law’s enduring commitment to the veteran community, this award celebrates the sacrifices and achievements of veterans, first responders, and Gold Star families.

Commander Chris Hove: A Story of Gallantry

A Veteran of Distinction: Commander Chris Hove’s Journey

Commander Chris Hove, a 20-year veteran of the United States Navy, exemplifies the spirit of the Mission Service Award. Serving as a Naval Aviator aboard the USS Constellation, his remarkable career includes over 200 carrier landings and 1000 flight hours. His heroic actions during the 1987 crisis in the Indian Ocean, safeguarding oil tankers from potential attacks, highlight his dedication and bravery.

Beyond the Battlefield: Chris Hove’s Continuing Service

After his illustrious military career, Commander Hove continued to impact his community positively. His involvement in various organizations, such as the Cornhusker Council Boy Scouts and Bryan Hospital Foundation, underlines his unwavering commitment to service.

Berry Law’s Tribute to Veterans Like Chris Hove

Berry Law’s Mission Service Award, presented at Creighton University’s basketball games, is more than just a symbol of respect; it’s a public acknowledgment of the profound contributions made by veterans like Commander Hove. In partnership with KMTV 3 and Creighton University, Berry Law ensures these stories of heroism and service are brought to light, inspiring and uniting our community.

A Continued Legacy of Support

Through this award and initiatives like, Berry Law reinforces its mission to support veterans in every aspect of their lives, from legal services to community involvement. This award is a testament to Berry Law’s enduring advocacy for veterans’ rights and welfare.

Explore more stories of valor and learn about our commitment to veterans at Berry Law’s website.

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