Here's Why Berry Law Built a Team of Veterans to Pursue VA Disability Appeals

Berry Law is America’s Veterans Law Firm and your fire support team to battle the VA. To become America’s Veterans Law Firm and one of the largest Veterans disability law firms in the country, Berry Law first had to build a team of Veterans. But why build a team of Veterans?

Simply put, Veterans understand the VA claims process, Veterans know what it means to be on a championship team, and Veterans know how to get the job done.

Veterans Understand the VA Claims Process

The first answer is pretty obvious. Veterans understand the VA claims process. Our job is to get Veterans all the disability benefits they need, and we cannot do that unless we have a team that understands how the VA claims process works.

What Are Veterans at Berry Law Proudly Confident About?

  • they know what it means to serve
  • they know how the VA claims system works
  • they want to help fellow Veterans

To really help our Veterans, we also needed a team who could easily communicate with our clients. So, we constructed a team featuring Veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, who are well-equipped to help you fight the VA for all the disability compensation you earned.

We Want a Championship Team

Veterans know what it means to be a part of a championship team. Some of the greatest memories Veterans have are memories going above and beyond with their team to complete the mission.

Berry Law CEO John Berry, Jr., recalls some of his happiest days when he was on a championship team in the military. John notes, “The happiest I ever was was in the 1990s when I was an infantry platoon leader and I showed up with my platoon every morning at 5:30. The NCOs were already there. Everybody was getting ready to do PT, and I always felt like I was part of a championship team.”

At Berry Law, we want our clients to know they have a team of winners fighting for them–a team that is willing to do what it takes to get Veterans the benefits they deserve.

Veterans Serving Veterans

In the military, you learn that mission comes first. Our mission is simple. Help Veterans get the disability benefits they earned. Most Veterans understand their service doesn’t end once they receive a DD214. They understand the importance of serving out of uniform. The Veterans on our team are ready to serve fellow Veterans by helping them get the disability compensation they are entitled to.

At Berry Law, we have a motto: “Be a hero to your heroes.” Luckily, we get to do that every day. Our heroes are Veterans, and the best way to be a hero to our nation’s Veterans is to help them get the VA benefits they deserve.

America’s Veterans Law Firm

Berry Law is America’s Veterans Law Firm, and we are your fire support team to battle the VA for the disability compensation you deserve. We won’t stop until every Veteran gets all the disability compensation they earned. With attorneys from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, our team has the experience needed to get you the results you deserve. Don’t go to battle alone. Contact Berry Law today to schedule a free case evaluation with someone on our team.