Special Monthly Compensation: How to Qualify

What is Special Monthly Compensation SMC from the VA?

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) is additional compensation a veteran receives because the VA recognizes that certain conditions require greater compensation. Special compensation includes compensation based on:

  • Loss or loss of use of a hand or foot
  • Loss of sight or hearing
  • Loss or loss of use of a reproductive organ (service-connected erectile dysfunction is one example)
  • Inability to communicate by speech
  • Loss of tissue from one or both breasts from mastectomy or radiation treatment

The VA will give more benefits for combinations of any of these disabilities (loss of sight and loss of a hand, for example). The amount received in these cases depends on the specific combinations of disabilities. If a veteran has other service-connected disabilities in addition to those described above, an even higher amount of VA Special Monthly Compensation may be considered.

Special Monthly Compensation Housebound Status

Special Monthly Compensation can also be granted for housebound status. If you are unable to leave your home because of your service connected disabilities, you may be entitled to this benefit. You’ll need a letter from your doctor or from friends or family members who can attest that you’re housebound. Being “housebound” also includes being unable to leave your hospital ward or care facility.

To qualify for housebound SMC benefits, you must have at least one disability rated at 100 percent, either schedular or with individual unemployability, with at least one additional, unrelated disability rated at 60 percent or more.

If you are granted individual unemployability (IU), it must be based on a single disability to qualify for special monthly compensation. If you’ve been granted IU, but haven’t been granted special monthly compensation based on housebound, we can help you request those benefits.

Remember, SMC is given instead of the standard VA disability rates except in special circumstances. The VA Special Monthly Compensation Rates Table defines exactly how much a veteran will receive for SMC.

VA Special Monthly Compensation: Get Help from a Veteran

The VA should automatically grant you SMC if you qualify, but there are cases in which they overlook information and fail to give you the benefits you deserve. Our team of veterans’ law attorneys can help you claim those benefits. Please contact us for a free consultation.