The VA Disability for Hip Pain

Hip pain is caused by a myriad of different medical issues. Determining the amount of VA compensation for hip pain depends on a variety of different factors. However, if you can prove your hip pain was caused by military service, you are entitled to disability compensation. In this article, we are going to cover how you can get VA disability for hip pain.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Because hip pain is a generalized symptom of a variety of different disabilities, the first key to determining your hip pain VA disability benefits is understanding what underlying issue is causing your hip pain.

According to WebMD, a website dedicated to providing credible, in-depth medical information, there are several different injuries that could lead to hip pain, such as:

  • Arthritis – Inflammation in the hip joint that leads to the breakdown of cartilage that cushions your hip bones
  • Hip Labral Tear – A tear in the cartilage that follows the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint (labrum)
  • Bursitis – Inflammation of the bursae sacs found between tissues, muscles, and tendons in your hip joint
  • Cancers – Tumors that start in the bone can lead to hip pain
  • Avascular Necrosis (Osteoncrosis) – Slowed blood flow to the hip, causing the bone tissue to die
  • Tendinitis – Irritation or inflammation of the tendons around your hip joint
  • Muscle or Tendon Strain – Strain on the muscles or tendons that support the hips
  • Hip Fractures – Weakened hip bones can fracture or break during a fall

Hip Pain could also cause discomfort in your:

  • Thigh
  • Groin
  • Buttocks

While hip pain can occasionally be remedied by over-the-counter medicine or rest, instances where an underlying disability is causing the hip pain may need special medical treatment.

Getting Your Hip Pain Service Connected

Due to a 2018 case at the US Court of Appeals, Saunders v. Wilkie, Veterans are entitled to receive disability compensation for pain. Therefore, a Veteran can receive VA disability for hip pain if they can get their disability service connected.

To get VA compensation for hip pain and get your disability service connected, like all VA disabilities, you must prove:

  1. You have a current medical diagnosis for your disability
  2. An event or accident in service caused your disability
  3. A medical nexus connecting your current disability to an in-service event

If you can prove all three elements for your hip claim, you should receive VA compensation for hip pain. However, Veterans can also receive VA disability for hip pain based on secondary service connection.

Secondary Service Connection for Hip Pain

Basically, secondary service connection means your hip pain is caused by another injury or disability. For example, if you are service connected for a leg injury in your left leg that causes you to put more pressure on your right leg which leads to hip pain, you could receive VA compensation for hip pain based on secondary service connection.

VA Disability Rating for Hip Pain

As previously mentioned, your VA disability for hip pain is determined by the severity and underlying disability that is causing the pain. For example, if your hip pain is caused by arthritis, the VA will assign a rating of 10% or 20% based on 38 CFR § 4.71a.

You could also receive service connection for hip pain that is the result of ankylosis, or immobility of a joint due to bone fusion. Veterans who are suffering from ankylosis of the hip will receive a rating based on the severity of the injury.

The final way a Veteran could receive a VA disability rating for hip pain is based on the limitation to the range of motion. If your hip pain causes a limitation to the range of motion for your hip joint, you could receive a VA disability rating based on the limitation. For example, you may have trouble moving your leg away from your body at the hip join (adduction). The VA can assign your VA rating by determining your hip’s limitation to range of motion compared to the “normal” range of motion for a person’s hip joint.

Veterans Serving Veterans

Hip pain can be caused by a variety of different factors, but any hip pain you’re experiencing due to service should be compensable by the VA. If you applied for VA disability for hip pain but were denied, Berry Law can help you appeal. Berry Law has helped thousands of Veterans successfully appeal unfavorable VA decisions.

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