Know the VA Disability for Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

Most Veterans are aware of the fact that they can receive disability compensation for any injuries or disabilities that are related to service. However, Veterans sometimes fail to recognize which disabilities or injuries were caused by service. One of the most overlooked disabilities for Veterans applying for disability benefits is pes planus, otherwise known as flat feet. It is likely overlooked by Veterans because of how common it is. More than three million people each year are diagnosed with flat feet. For Veterans, they can receive VA disability for flat feet if they can prove it was caused by service.

What is Pes Planus?

Pes planus is a disability characterized by the arches of your feet flattening. While the disability can be serious, it is typically painless. According to Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical center, flat feet occurs when “the arches on the inside of your feet are flattened, allowing the entire soles of your feet to touch the floor when you stand up.” Often the result of the stress associated with age, flat feet can sometimes happen when arches don’t fully develop during childhood.

There are typically no signs or symptoms associated with flat feet. However, you may experience foot pain in the heel area or swelling the inside of the ankle if you suffer from pes planus.

How Does the VA Rate Pes Planus?

The VA diagnostic code (a 4 or 8 digit code the VA uses to rate your disability) for flat feet is 5726. The VA determines a pes planus rating depending on the severity of the injury. Currently, Veterans can receive a rating between 0 and 50 percent for pes planus.

For a Veteran to receive a 50% rating for flat feet, their feet must be pronounced, meaning the feet are displaced inward. If only one foot is pronounced, the Veteran can receive a 30% rating.

Veterans can also receive a VA disability rating for pes planus if they have a clear deformity of the foot or if there is pain when in use.

Veterans can also receive a 0% rating for flat feet if their symptoms are mild enough. For a Veteran to receive a 0% pes planus VA rating, their condition is likely remedied by arch supports.

Getting Pes Planus Service Connected

For a Veteran to get pes planus service connected, just like any other VA disability, they must prove three elements.

  1. They have a current medical diagnosis for flat feet or the disability they are trying to get service connected.
  2. An in-service event or working condition that led to the injury.
  3. A nexus connecting the current disability to service.

If a Veteran can prove all three, they should receive VA disability for flat feet.

Veterans Disability Lawyers

If you developed pes planus (flat feet) while in service or if the condition was exacerbated by your time in the military, you’re entitled to VA disability compensation. If you were denied VA disability for flat feet, you have the right to appeal.

Berry Law helps Veterans get the VA disability benefits they deserve by appealing unfavorable VA rating decisions. With attorneys from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, Berry Law is well equipped to provide fellow Veterans the legal firepower they need to win their VA disability appeal. Contact Berry Law today to receive a free case evaluation.