Common Navy Disability Benefits

By R. Joseph Pilgrim, Veterans Attorney

Service in the US Navy is different than that of any other branch, as life aboard ships presents hazards many may not be aware of. From using different chemicals to working on the flight deck, shipboard life presents many opportunities for illness and injury.

Hazards in Boot Camp

From the beginning of boot camp, US Navy personnel is required to engage in marching, rigorous physical training, firefighting, rope handling, simulated ship emergencies, and performing work on a mock ship. All of these can potentially present hazardous situations.  One of my own shipmates broke her leg during boot camp battlestations.

Chemical Exposure

Upon entering Naval service, Sailors will be exposed to several different chemicals, some for cleaning and some for performing other various tasks. Chemicals used in soldering components on circuit boards, wiring, greasing, working on mechanical parts, painting, removing rust, etc. can all cause harm.  Some of these chemicals can have adverse health effects if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested.  These can lead to cancers, skin conditions, and other health matters that can negatively impact your life.

Other Common Dangers

Other hazards present may depend upon the jobs (or NECs – Naval Equipment Codes) a Sailor performs.  Nuclear engineers working on nuclear reactors are commonly exposed to radiation, cooling equipment, and other dangers associated with nuclear systems. Flight deck personnel are exposed to projectile risks, exhaust emissions, lifting and pulling chains and equipment, heating and exhaustion issues, and other risks associated with working on the flight deck. Personnel working in the hangars or other internal ship spaces may be exposed to asbestos, electrical hazards, and loud or continuous sounds.

Some Navy experiences can cause PTSD. In some cases, dead bodies are kept in the coolers/freezers on ships. Some Navy Veterans witnessed death or experienced Military Sexual Trauma during their service.

Veterans Serving Veterans

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