Berry Law Firm was Recognized by Department of Labor for Hiring Veterans

The Department of Labor recently awarded Berry Law with a Platinum Medallion through its HIREVets Program, which recognizes companies that hire, develop, and retain Veteran employees. This is the second consecutive year that Berry Law has received the honor and is a testament to our commitment to Veterans and their missions, which includes providing legal services to Veterans nationwide. Berry Law joins three other Nebraska businesses to receive the award in 2020, and is one of only two Nebraska companies to receive the more distinguished platinum medallion.

The HIREVets Medallion Program is the only federal award recognizing businesses that excel at hiring and retaining Veterans. The Department of Labor presents both gold and platinum medallions to businesses, with platinum recognized as the more exclusive tier.  To be considered for this award, the nominated business must have Veteran integrated assistance programs and have Veterans make up 10% of new hires in the previous year. Berry Law more than surpassed the requirements to receive this federal award.

“By meeting the criteria required for a Platinum Medallion Award, Berry Law Firm demonstrated both patriotism and recognition of the value Veterans bring to the workplace,” noted John Lowry, Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Labor, in a statement.

John Berry, the firm’s CEO said it was an honor to receive the award and that “Veterans are our country’s greatest natural resource.  We reach out to hire Veterans not just to honor their service, but because they are generally great at providing an immediate positive impact to the team.  The same skills and values that allowed them to succeed in the military can directly translate into civilian success.”

Berry Law continued to aggressively hire Veterans through the COVID crisis and plans to continue hiring Veterans in the future.  Veterans are central to Berry Law, and the team features Veterans from each of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.  Five of the seven executives at the firm are Veterans themselves.

Berry Law is always looking for Veterans to help advance the mission of protecting individual rights. Our commitment to Veterans is the foundation of our firm and a pillar of our company’s culture.

The team at Berry Law fights for Veterans daily, with a national Veterans disability practice that features clients in all 50 states and some in foreign countries. Berry Law also represents Veterans throughout the Midwest accused of military crimes and servicemembers who need assistance appealing a security clearance denial.

The firm also protects the constitutional rights of client throughout the Midwest. Berry Law fights for clients who were injured due to another person’s negligence, individuals who are facing criminal charges, and those who need litigation assistance.

The team at Berry Law is honored for the recognition by the Department of Labor and is dedicated to continue fighting for Veterans. We look forward to expanding our military presence at the firm as we continue to defend Veterans who need our help in the legal arena.