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Episode 56

Episode 56: Valentine’s Day Special: Building a Strong Relationship with Your Significant Other


Welcome to the special Valentine’s Day edition of Veteran Led. We all know the buddy system is integral to the success of every military mission. But it’s just as important on the homefront with your significant other. In this episode, the tables are slightly turned as Omaha Bar Association Executive Director, Dave Sommers interviews John and his wife, Mallory Hughes, as they discuss the unique dynamic of being married to another lawyer and highlight the importance of the buddy system in both work and personal relationships. 

John and Mallory share their experiences and insights on building trust, collaborating effectively, and balancing work and home life. This insightful conversation emphasizes the benefits of having a strong buddy team in all aspects of life. Don’t miss out on learning from these inspiring leaders who use their military experiences to excel in their careers and continue to serve their communities. Watch now and discover the power of a supportive partner in achieving success.


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