Built from the warrior ethos we learned as Veterans, we are battle-ready to help bring more firepower to your vet injury appeals

We believe that our American warriors are tough, determined, disciplined, and they strive for excellence in all they do.  They often sacrifice their own well-being in defense of our liberties.  They use phrases like: “improvise, adapt and overcome”, “embrace the suck”, and “pain is weakness leaving the body.”

But when their time in service is complete and they hang-up their uniform for the last time, sometimes the pain persists, and sometimes they don’t receive the care and benefits they’ve earned.

We get it. We understand. Founded and operated by American Veterans and Patriots, we fight for veterans who need to appeal disability claims. We’re Berry Law: America’s Veterans Law Firm. Contact us for a free consultation.

Types of Vet Injury Claims

As a population, Veterans will have similar injuries and disabilities to civilians, but will have higher concentrations in some specific areas.  When vet injuries are linked to their time in service, they are eligible for care from the VA and disability compensation for impairment to their ability to work or quality of life.

Some of the injuries that are more common for Veterans include:

Initial claims can be submitted directly to the VA using their eBenefits portal.  To be granted financial compensation for injuries, a Vet must show that they have a current disability, that it is related to their time in service, and demonstrate the nexus between the service circumstances and the current disability.

Your Right to Appeal

If the VA denies your initial claim, you have the right to appeal.  Initial appeals must usually be filed within a year of the denial, and there are additional deadlines for further appeals in the process.  Ensure that you are meeting all deadlines to keep your claim going, and if you are ultimately successful, you should be entitled to back pay for all the time that the case was on appeal.

You can appeal a denial by yourself, or you can enlist help from an organization or attorney.  Berry Law has been helping fellow Vets appeal disability decisions for decades and currently represents Vets in all 50 states.  You can learn more on our site, or call us directly at 833-VET-INJURY (833-838-4658).