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VA Disability Calculator

Determine your combined disability percentage and average monthly payments

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Enter your disabilities using the buttons below. Choose the location of your disability then choose the disability percentage associated with that disability. Once all of your individual disabilities have been selected, answer the following questions below to determine your combined disability percentage and your monthly payment amount.

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    Do VA disabilities keep you from working? If so, you should be rated at 100%.

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    The VA disability calculator provides estimates of your combined disability percentage and monthly payment amounts. The actual percentage you are awarded and the amount you receive may differ from the estimates provided.

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    Updated in 2020

    Using ‘VA Math’ to Combine Disability Ratings

    When calculating combined disability ratings, the VA does not use the regular math that we all learned in school. Instead of simply adding up the percentage disability ratings for various conditions to reach a grand total disability rating, the VA takes a different – and more complicated – approach.

    About Our VA Disability Calculator

    The VA’s calculations use a percentage of the claimant’s remaining non-disabled percentage when adding the next disability percentage. For example, if a veteran had three disabling conditions rated at 30%, 20% and 20%, the VA would first apply the largest percentage, 30%.

    To factor in the next percentage, it would not simply add 20 to 30 and get 50. Rather, it would apply the 20% to the claimants remaining 70% of non-disability. The resulting 14% would be added to the current rating of 30%, creating a total of 44%. If these were the only two disabilities on hand, this would get rounded down and the Veteran would receive a total disability of 40%.

    Next, the third disability rating, 20%, would be applied to the remaining 56% (100%-44%). This would result in an individual rating of 11%. This would then be added to the total of 44%, generating a total disability rating of 55%. This number would then be rounded up, producing the combined disability rating of 60%. “Normal” math would have reached a 70% disability rating instead.

    If all of this seems more than a bit confusing to you, rest assured that you are not alone. That’s why we have provided the calculator above to help you get a better idea of how your disability ratings add up using VA math. Keep in mind that this tool should be used only to get a general idea of how disability ratings are combined.

    To get a more accurate assessment of your potential total disability rating, contact Berry Law Firm’s VA disability attorneys for a free case evaluation.

    Use Our VA Disability Rating Calculator to Start or Appeal Your VA Disability Claim

    Perhaps you are just beginning the process of seeking VA disability benefits, and you have not yet been assigned disability ratings. The VA disability lawyers at Berry Law Firm are ready to talk to you about your legal options for pursuing disability benefits and help you along the path.

    Our lawyers will discuss your experience in the military and your current disabling medical conditions, and then analyze your potential eligibility for disability benefits. Our services go far beyond simply gathering medical records, service records, and filing forms. We work with veterans to build a strategy for securing the full VA disability benefits a veteran deserves.

    Our firm can assist in appealing your VA decision or denial. Oftentimes, the VA makes errors when reviewing applications and calculating benefits. When they do, we are ready to appeal flawed decisions to fight for appropriate benefits on our client’s behalf. Even if you have already filed your claim and received an adverse decision, we can step in and provide the legal representation you need at the appeals level – including at the VA Regional Office, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and beyond.

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