The Service Connection – April 2019

The Service Connection – April 2019

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Increasing Your VA Disability Rating

At some point, you will likely need to return to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to increase your VA disability rating. Many times your rating is too low from the start. Also, your condition will probably worsen over time, either because it is a degenerative illness, or simply due to age or a secondary illness.

A disabled veteran who is receiving benefits may ask the VA for a review of their disability rating at any time. However, te timing of the request is important.

If it has been more than a year since the VA has granted disability benefits, the veteran may make a standard request for reevaluation. The veteran can make the request with a single form authorizing the VA to obtain the vet’s medical records, either:

  • Form 21-526EZ filed by a Veteran treated by a VA or military health care facility
  • Form 21-4142 filed by a Veteran treated by a civilian doctor

If it has been less than a year since the VA has granted disability benefits, the request for a new disability rating becomes an appeal of your claim, which is a much more complex process.

The VA must consider medical records from a VA or military hospital that reflect treatment or hospitalization, or records from private or public medical facilities to be valid evidence if they indicate that the veteran’s condition has grown worse.

However, if the VA directs you to undergo a C&P medical exam, you must submit to it or all progress with your claim will come to a halt.

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or call (888) 883-2483 when you receive a decision from the VA.

April – Month of the Military Child

April 5 – Gold Star Spouses Day

April 9 – National Former POW Recognition Day

April 14 – Air Force Reserve Birthday

April 21 – Easter

April 23 – Army Reserve Birthday

April 30 – National Military Brats Day

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