The Power of Veteran Legacy with John S Berry Sr.

The Power of Veteran Legacy with John S Berry Sr.

We all know there is a power of veteran legacy and leadership. We can more than likely identify a fellow veteran leader who moves us to be a better person and to do things with passion and purpose.

But how do these leaders come to be? How did your veteran mentor build their legacy? How can you learn from their legacy?

In this episode of Veteran Led Podcast, we are joined by none other than John S Berry Sr., father of our host and founder of Berry Law, to discuss how he built a legacy helping other veterans.

Passion for Justice

Ever since he was young, John had an intense desire to make things right and find justice.

He always knew he would, one day, become a lawyer, and his journey as a soldier only deepened his commitment to helping others like him find justice.

Today, John stands tall not only as a lawyer but also as a source of inspiration for countless veterans. His dedication has made a significant difference in their lives.

Years later, he had three sons who followed his legacy and joined the armed forces. They were moved by his desire for justice and followed in his footsteps, as well as a big community of veterans who believed in his legacy.

But how did John S Berry Sr. accomplish all of this?

The Beginning

Commissioned as an infantry officer, he completed rigorous training and led troops through basic training.

During this time, John learned about the shortage of defense counsel in Vietnam and realized he could be doing more than what his position allowed him.

This sparked a fire within him. He wondered how he could contribute and make a difference to the people serving in Vietnam.

With determination, he wrote a letter to the JAG, expressing his willingness to volunteer to serve as defense counsel. The JAG Corps recognized his dedication and accepted his offer.

In October of 1968, John arrived at Bien Hoa, prepared to face the challenges that awaited him.

Before long, requests for his remarkable work defending soldiers started pouring in from all over the country.

This, of course, was just the beginning of his career, but it set a clear precedent for what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and he was able to do so.

Helping out in Vietnam: Building a Veteran Legacy

While stationed in Vietnam, Berry Sr. witnessed the hardship and struggles faced by the locals and soldiers.

While he was just here for a limited period of time, he was determined not to be a mere tourist in uniform; he was a soldier, and this was a battle that he wanted to fight.

In an effort to truly connect with the people, John took the initiative to learn enough Vietnamese phrases to communicate effectively.

He sought out opportunities to meet and engage with individuals, listening to their stories and even sharing a drink, fostering genuine connections.

Green Beret Affair

In 1968, Berry took one of the cases that would change his life  and direction his lawyer career forever.

With more than 80,000 soldiers, he was the chief defense counsel for the largest general court martial jurisdiction in Vietnam.

In this case, around 1969, members of the Green Berets were charged with the murder of a double agent. Berry was able to win the case and make justice for these men.

Passion for Justice

From his Vietnam stay and the Green Beret Affair, John understood what it truly meant to be a veteran and soldier, someone who has faced adversity firsthand and who’s there to serve others.

His time in Vietnam and as a soldier was more than just an empathetic connection; it was the foundation of his remarkable career in law.

Sure, those first years of pro bono and free might did not give much money, but he didn’t want any; he learned a lot of lessons, helped a lot of people, and futile his passion for justice, he felt accomplished.

The Veteran Legacy

John takes immense pride in the enduring legacy of his family’s commitment to serving their country, upholding justice, and making a difference.

Following his footsteps, their collective efforts have left an unmistakable mark on the lives of countless individuals.

They have helped shape incredible minds and powerful leaders; they are not just making a change to improve people’s lives but have helped build people that will help others, just like they did.

John couldn’t be more proud of the legacy his family has kept helping their country and continuing the legacy of justice he so much desires.

John S Berry Jr, an Airborne ranger, led a platoon in Bosnia and continues to shine a light on the stories of veterans and soldiers all over the country.

Chris, who pursued a career in medicine with the support of the Air Force.

Meanwhile, Rory, who served in the Navy, got the opportunity to attend Stanford University and later served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each member of John’s family has contributed to the legacy of veterans, but that’s not all! His legacy goes beyond his family because it has touched hundreds of veterans and soldiers who, at one point, needed assistance, and Berry Sr. was there to grant it.

The Duty Never Stops

Even in retirement, John came to realize that the call of duty and the essence of being a soldier have no expiration date.

The title of soldier carries on, even when no longer engaged in active warfare; once a soldier, always a soldier.

Even after all these years, people still look up to him for assistance, guidance, and help. The sense of duty to uphold justice and serve others remains untouched.

John, along with his sons and countless other soldiers, understands that their commitment extends far beyond the battlefield. It is a lifelong dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

While their contributions may take different forms, the Berry family believes in the power of compassionate listening and engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow veterans.

They recognize the urgent need to address the serious issue of PTSD among soldiers, working diligently to provide support and facilitate the healing process.

Berry Sr. remains resolute in their mission to improve the lives of veterans and soldiers, helping to make their journey through life more bearable, fulfilling, and happy.

Like What You Hear?

Tune in to the Veteran Led Podcast to learn more powerful and inspiring stories for veterans and how they keep improving and contributing to our community.

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