N.B. Review on Google 07/2021

5 star rating for testimonials

I hired Berry Law firm in 2017 to handle my VA disability claim. I was a legacy claim so mime took a little longer. Their attorneys are the best. I had to go out of state as I live in Florida and the law firms here are a joke. They wouldn’t take my case unless it was a cold cut and dry black and white case. My first rating was 70%. I was happy but hesitant to keep fighting, because, well…its the VA. I’m glad I opted to.Stephanie Costello is so nice, professional and she is amazing at what she does. She really fights for you and knows legal case law and gets it done! She got me to 100% within a few months after my initial rating. The only thing I did not like was before Stephanie, I had to other attorneys who would not take time to to speak with me and drug their feet until the deadline. Stephanie really got things done. Thank you Berry Law firm and thank you Stephanie. I wouldn’t have what I have without you guys. I recommend this Law Firm all the time. Give her a promotion, she deserves it.

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