How Do I Get Service-Connected for My Disability?

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This is an important question, because veterans service-connected for disabilities or diseases incurred in service may receive financial compensation for those disabilities or diseases. Unfortunately, it’s not automatic. The VA is required to do a three-step analysis to determine whether a veteran should receive service connection.

  1. Current disease or disability. You must demonstrate that you are currently suffering from either a disease or a disability. This is most likely proven through a doctor’s diagnosis.
  2. Proof that the disease or disability occurred during active military service. This means that you developed the disease or disability while you were serving in the military.
  3. A link between the disability or disease and military service. This establishes a nexus between your military service and your disability or disease.

We work with our clients to clarify pertinent information in our communications with the VA to achieve the best possible results.

Here are a few things you can do to make the process easier for you (and the VA):

  • Communicate. It is always better to share more than less with your representative. Cases can be won or lost based on important details. Veterans are great at paying attention to details. We’ve been taught to pay attention to detail since boot camp or basic training. The key is to communicate the details of your service and the details of your injuries.
  • If private medical providers have treated you, get the records. They may back up your claim.
  • Show up for your examinations!
  • The first thing you will get from the VA once you file your claim is a lengthy letter commonly referred to as a VCAA letter. This is a letter required by the law that tells you what the VA will do, what you will be expected to do, and in very general terms how the VA will decide your disability claims. The letter may also include specific requests from your local regional office for information. Read it carefully for specific requests for information from the VA.
  • When you get your rating decision, read it carefully. It will explain why the VA made its decision. If you think your decision was made without proper consideration, address the VA immediately. Failing to act will result in the erroneous decision becoming final.

Veterans Serving Veterans

Are you receiving the veterans’ disability compensation you are entitled to receive by law? If you need assistance appealing VA Rating Decisions for mental health conditions or physical disabilities that occurred in service, please contact Berry Law.

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