Client received service connection to ulcerative colitis s/p primary sclerosing cholangitis s/p bile duct cancer with ostomy associated with herbicide exposure at 100% evaluation; service connection for residuals of cholangiocarcinoma with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency associated with herbicide exposure with a 60 percent evaluation effective October 19, 2018; service connection for chronic kidney disease with an evaluation of 60 percent
effective October 19, 2018. An evaluation of 80 percent assigned effective November 14, 2021; service connection for liver transplant residuals with an evaluation of 30 percent effective October 19, 2018; service connection for abdominal scar with an evaluation of 0 percent effective October 19, 2018; entitlement to special monthly compensation based on housebound criteria being met from October 19, 2018; and basic eligibility to Dependents’ Educational Assistance based on permanent and total disability status from October 19, 2018.

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