Law Clerk Program Press Release

Law Clerk Program Press Release

Posted by Berry Law on August 7, 2020 in Community
Law Clerk Program Press Release

At a time when students and parents were bemoaning lost opportunities due to COVID and a shrinking economy, Berry Law invested in the futures of eight law students who clerked at Berry Law this summer. The eight Berry Law clerks came from University of Nebraska School of Law, Creighton Law School and Notre Dame Law School. The clerks say they had a great experience, but not without challenges.

Berry Law CEO John Berry said, “We saw a great opportunity to work with talented students.”

We feared we could not give them a great experience when we decided to go forward with the program because lack of face to face communication. There is only so much teaching you can do via Zoom, and the great lawyers I know learned in a courtroom, not a Zoom Room.”

Berry Law’s tech team headed by Gordon Bjorman set the clerks up for success, and after weeks of working remote, the clerks came into the office where a large conference room was built to socially distance and allow clerks to interact with both attorneys and each other.

The Firm’s founder, John Stevens Berry, Sr., is well known for training law clerks and new lawyers. Many of Berry Sr.’s clerks went on to become Judges and top trial lawyers. Our best investments that show the highest returns are those we make in our people and our communities. Bringing in law clerks gives us an opportunity to evaluate talent and recruit future lawyers, but more importantly builds a stronger legal community.

Unfortunately, law school does not provide students with a hands-on experience and lawyer interaction that you get in clerking. You learn a lot about theory in law school. You learn about reality when you are clerking.

Clerk Experiences

Carey Collingham, University of Nebraska College of Law

Berry Law has provided me with a unique, structured, immersive, and educational clerking experience. I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in real, complex cases, and to get direct feedback on these projects from my supervising attorneys. An organized feedback system has ensured that I received timely input on both my strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, the open-door and amicable culture made coming to clerk fun! Thank you, Berry Law!

Taylor Wikum, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Berry Law has been an excellent place to start my legal career. Each attorney that I worked for, (especially Emily and Jerusha), made it a point to mentor me and provide me with the tools necessary to succeed. Additionally, being a Veteran, I immediately felt a strong connection with the other prior service members. I’ve enjoyed my time here and hope to continue forward throughout the school year.

John Schmidt, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

It was a great experience. I got the opportunity to enhance my skills in legal writing and issue analysis. I also got to meet a lot of fantastic people in my future career field. I have made many connections for the future. I would definitely recommend Berry Law as a clerkship.

Abbie Morlock, University of Nebraska College of Law, 2L

I have really enjoyed my clerking experience at Berry Law. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned about the law and life as a practicing attorney. I will cherish the memories I have made with the other law clerks.

Haley Cannon, Creighton University School of Law

Berry Law has allowed me to take the knowledge I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. The attorneys have given me the opportunity to see the problems clients face and establish a plan to attack the problems in order to help clients on their worst days. I have been able to improve my writing skills throughout the summer by working on projects for cases relating to veteran’s affairs and trial practice. I have forged friendships with colleagues that I am excited to continue to pursue after the conclusion of my clerkship. I am grateful Berry Law has given me the opportunity to clerk for a firm that zealously advocates for their clients and provides high-quality representation.

Dana Jurgensmeier, University of Nebraska college of Law; Third Year

My experience clerking at Berry Law for the past two years was fantastic. From realizing the important role criminal defense attorneys play in the justice system to teaching me how to be both a better legal researcher and writer, Berry Law has played a huge role in my legal education. I was able to gain invaluable real-world experience reviewing discovery, drafting pretrial motions, and observing trials. The Leadership Team was also incredibly accommodating and supportive not only when I gave birth to my son, Greyson, in September, but also when my mother suffered from a stroke in December. I’m also extremely grateful to have met and developed great friendships with the other clerks, attorneys, and staff! I will miss everyone immensely.

David Hoeser, Nebraska College of Law

I have had the opportunity to work on several writing projects which allow me to practice my legal writing. I have also received great feedback on my writing, which has enabled me to learn from each experience and improve.

Katie Andersen, University of Notre Dame Law

“Berry Law taught me how to craft creative arguments, research intentionally and thoroughly, and communicate effectively in my writing. I also learned the importance of collaboration not only with the overseeing attorneys but also with my fellow law clerks. I left Berry Law with friendships and relationships that will last long into my career as a practicing attorney. I will always be grateful for the experiences and people I met during my 1L summer at Berry Law.”

Berry Law

Established in 1965 by Vietnam War veteran and attorney John Stevens Berry Sr., Berry Law is a team of veterans dedicated to defending, safeguarding, and fighting to protect the rights of veterans. Over the decades, thousands of veterans from across the country and all branches of the military have trusted our firm with their cases and, more importantly, their futures.

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