Attorney Angela Wilson Joins The Ranks As The Newest Veterans Disability Lawyer At Berry Law

Attorney Angela Wilson Joins The Ranks As The Newest Veterans Disability Lawyer At Berry Law

Posted by Berry Law on November 2, 2023 in Firm News
Attorney Angela Wilson Joins The Ranks As The Newest Veterans Disability Lawyer At Berry Law

Berry Law, the award-winning firm that prides itself on both representing veterans as well as employing them, has added a passionate new attorney to its ranks. A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Georgetown University Law Center, Angela Wilson has over fifteen years of experience in the legal field. Prior to coming to Berry Law, Angela litigated multi-million-dollar disputes for large corporate and institutional clients. Despite success in doing “prestige” legal work, including successfully protecting client interests in complex fraud cases and defending the constitutionality of a high-profile issuance of appropriation bonds, she felt she lacked purpose.


“I found myself burning out in pursuit of a hollow definition of ‘success,’” Wilson says. “Eventually it caught up with me in the form of debilitating physical and mental health issues. I needed to make some big changes.”


Taking a hiatus from the legal field, Wilson reconnected with her family and opened a float therapy business. It was here that she would find her passion for standing up for the underdog reignited. “My favorite part was providing free sessions to veterans suffering from PTSD and seeing how that deep, restorative relaxation could improve every aspect of a person’s life. As I regained my own health and sense of purpose, I began thinking about the law again, but I wasn’t sure how to keep my values and work aligned. Then I found Berry Law. Their veterans’ disability practice combines everything I’m passionate about: doing challenging and impactful legal work, fighting for people whose health problems have been ignored or minimized, and standing up for true heroes.”


Along with her years of experience, Wilson  brings a love of creative problem solving to Berry Law, as well as a desire for her clients to feel heard and supported. Says Jerusha Hancock, VA Practice section lead for Berry Law, “We are so happy to welcome Angela Wilson to our VA team. Angela has a strong background in litigation and regulatory compliance, as well as a passion for taking care of veterans. She is a great addition to our team.”


Berry Law was recently named for the seventh consecutive year to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing small businesses in America.

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