“Preserving History and Inspiring Generations: The Legacy of Albert “Jeff” Flagg”

OMAHA, Neb. — Albert “Jeff” Flagg, a retired lieutenant colonel who served in the Army for 25 years and dedicated 20 years to educating youth, continues to serve others even after retirement. His impact as a social studies teacher at Omaha Burke High School goes beyond the classroom, as he brings history to life for his students.

Flagg’s expertise on the Vietnam War has made him a sought-after resource among educators. Colleagues at Omaha Burke High School regard him as the greatest Vietnam War primary resource in Omaha, and his presentations are highly valued. Students are captivated by Flagg’s engaging storytelling, vivid descriptions, and personal experiences as a lieutenant colonel in Vietnam.

Step into the classrooms of Omaha Burke High School.

Every year, students at Omaha Burke learn about the Vietnam War era, and Flagg’s firsthand accounts serve as the pinnacle of their studies. His presentations offer unique perspectives, often accompanied by amusing anecdotes, factual information, photographs, and vivid descriptions of the challenging conditions endured during the war. Flagg’s ability to relate to the students and make history relevant to their lives leaves a lasting impact on their understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

Flagg’s connection with Omaha Burke High School began when he took charge of the school’s JROTC program, which experienced significant growth under his leadership. The program’s enrollment doubled, and its achievements multiplied. Flagg’s exceptional work laid the foundation for the program’s success. Eventually, he became the Director of JROTC for all Omaha Public Schools, serving in that role for three years before retiring alongside his wife.

During his time at Omaha Burke, Flagg developed a strong bond with Patrick Ryan, a social studies teacher who had served in the Nebraska Air National Guard for 27 years. Their frequent conversations at school helped them forge a friendship that extended beyond the classroom. In 2007, Ryan sought Flagg’s advice before deploying to Iraq. Filled with fear and uncertainty, Ryan turned to Flagg, who provided invaluable guidance and support derived from his military experience.

Flagg’s words echoed in Ryan’s mind during his deployment to Iraq. Even during the most challenging and dangerous moments, Flagg’s voice served as a source of strength, reminding Ryan to persevere, protect his fellow soldiers, and navigate the nuances of survival. When Ryan returned home, he found solace in reconnecting with Flagg, whose unwavering support and guidance re-centered him and helped him cope with the surreal transition from the battlefield to civilian life. Ryan credits Flagg with saving his soul, providing invaluable guidance during his darkest moments.

Mission to preserve history and honor the sacrifices of the Vietnam War generation

Flagg believes it is essential for veterans to understand that life continues after military service, and he encourages them to adopt a positive perspective. However, he also emphasizes the importance of preserving history and honoring the sacrifices made by those who came before. As a decorated veteran, Flagg has been awarded four Bronze Stars and the Vietnamese Service Ribbon for his duty in Vietnam. He is determined not to let the sacrifices of the Vietnam War generation be forgotten, as he recognizes the diminishing presence of those who can firsthand tell their stories.

In addition to his presentations at Omaha Burke High School, Flagg volunteers his time to speak at other local schools and organizations. He also visits veterans in hospice care, ensuring they understand the significance of their service and how deeply appreciated they are. Flagg’s commitment to preserving history and supporting his fellow veterans exemplifies his profound dedication to serving others, making him a true hero in the hearts of those he encounters.

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