Jerry Flanagan Interview

Jerry Flanagan Interview

JDog: A Story of Respect, Integrity, and Entrepreneurship

Jerry Flanagan had the idea of JDog Junk Removal & Hauling more than ten years ago; now, this idea has become bigger than himself. 

JDog is more than a franchise and more than a profitable transaction; JDog is an organization that many veterans like him all over the country can call their business. 

In this Veteran Led Podcast episode, Jerry shares his entrepreneurship journey and how JDog became the hope many veterans were looking for. 

The Beginning of JDog 

Before we delve into running a successful company, let’s take a moment to explore the origins of JDog.

After dedicating several years to serving in the military, Jerry embarked on a new mission – starting JDog Junk Removal & Hauling. Little did he know that this venture would turn into something extraordinary.

With a lot of help from his wife, Tracy, they laid the foundation of JDog with three core values a lot of veterans will recognize: Respect, Integrity, and Trust. 

These values would serve as guiding principles for everything that followed.

As the business gained traction and grew, Jerry found himself pondering a deeper purpose— he wanted to make a difference in the lives of his fellow veterans. 

Driven by a desire to help those who had served alongside him, he paid a visit to the Seville VA hospital.

Here, he met soldiers who were struggling; Jerry extended an invitation to join him in his junk removal company and put their minds somewhere else. 

In doing so, he offered them a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. And so, the story of the JDog brand unfolded. 

The Veteran Heart of JDog

The concept of purchasing a franchise and creating a tight-knit community within their larger spaces resonated deeply with veterans. 

They cherished the notion of building a family-owned business where they could hire their brothers, sisters, and friends and forge enduring connections.

JDog became more than just a company; it became a beacon of hope, empowerment, and camaraderie.

Jerry and Tracy laid the groundwork for not only a successful business but a thriving foundation.

JDog was now more than Tracy and Jerry; thousands of veteran families wanted to be part of this movement.

The JDog Foundation

This organization is on a mission to support veterans and military-related causes, with a particular focus on preventing veteran suicide and providing much-needed treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Through leadership, support, and awareness, the JDog Foundation empowers veteran companies and organizations that are dedicated to helping those who have served our country selflessly. 

Their impact extends far beyond the physical realm, reaching deep into the mental health of veterans and offering the healing they deserve.

See the Best in People.

Jerry and Tracy firmly believe that everyone has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. 

Whether it’s being skilled in moving, junk cleaning, landscaping, or any other area, they strive to identify and develop these talents. 

By providing opportunities for individuals to excel in their areas of expertise, Jerry has created a business model that allows both the company and its employees to thrive.

They understand that building a successful business goes beyond merely focusing on the bottom line. It requires nurturing the skills and passions of its members.

By investing in their people and giving them the platform to shine, JDog has cultivated a culture where everyone can expand their talent.

Everyone Deserves a Chance

Believing in people and giving them a chance is essential because it unlocks the limitless potential that lies within each individual. 

When we have faith in someone’s abilities and provide them with opportunities to grow and succeed, especially for Veterans who still have much to give and grow in their community. 

Family first

At JDog, the belief in the power of family and community is a fundamental principle. Contrary to the common belief of avoiding business with family.

JDog embraces the strength that comes from these connections. They understand that family provides a strong foundation for success.

Furthermore, JDog recognizes the unique trust and respect that veterans hold in the community. 

People are more likely to open their doors and establish a connection with veterans, knowing the sacrifices they have made and the values they uphold. 

By harnessing the strengths and shared experiences of its veteran workforce, JDog aims to build strong and tight-knit communities. 

Planning and  Learning from Failure

Jerry’s journey was marked by numerous failures and challenging times. Rather than allowing these setbacks to discourage him, he embraced them as valuable learning opportunities. 

Through his experiences, he gained a deep understanding of what went wrong in his previous business ventures and identified areas that needed improvement in his business model.

Jerry’s resilience and determination led him to meticulously plan for future endeavors while keeping risks minimized. 

He recognized the importance of continuous education and learning from his and others’ failures. 

This dedication to learning allowed Jerry to develop a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and discover innovative ways to improve his own entrepreneurial abilities.

Now, after years of learning and planning, he has turned his passion into a profitable business that helps veterans become powerful entrepreneurs. 

Like What You Hear?

Tune to the Veteran Led Podcast to learn more powerful and inspiring stories for veterans and how they keep improving and contributing to our community. 

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