From Apache Pilot to Cheese Commander Lessons in Leadership from Andrew Arbogast

Andrew Arbogast: Navigating Leadership Challenges from Combat to Cheese

In this episode of the Veteran Led podcast, John Berry sits down with Andrew Arbogast, an Apache pilot-turned-entrepreneur. 

Andrew shares valuable lessons on leadership and resilience, revealing the challenges of his military service and business journey. 

From handling anxiety to expanding a cheese empire, his insights offer a compelling roadmap for veterans and civilians alike.

Military Origins and Lessons

Andrew Arbogast’s military journey profoundly shaped his leadership philosophy. 

As an Apache pilot, he thrived in high-stress environments, mastering skills that now translate seamlessly into his business. 

Decision-making under pressure became second nature, helping him build a resilient mindset that withstands challenges and propels his cheese business to new heights.

Overcoming Fear  

Intense missions taught Andrew to embrace failure and overcome fear. Each challenge prepared him for leadership beyond the military. 

He learned that fear is natural but shouldn’t inhibit decision-making. This ability to confront challenges head-on enabled him to thrive in business.

High-Stakes Decisions  

Combat required Andrew to make life-or-death decisions swiftly, sharpening his ability to evaluate risks and act decisively. 

This high-stakes mindset honed in the cockpit now guides him in business, where he applies a calculated approach to strategic choices that minimize risk while maximizing growth opportunities.

Transition to Entrepreneurship  

Leaving the military marked a new beginning for Andrew Arbogast. 

He harnessed his leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit to launch a business, utilizing his father’s cheese dip recipe. 

This transition from Apache pilot to business owner laid the foundation for Arbo’s Cheese Dip and allowed him to apply his disciplined approach to this new venture.

Finding Purpose  

Starting a cheese business gave Andrew renewed purpose, reflecting his dedication to military service. 

This journey fulfilled his leadership drive, channeling his creativity and commitment into creating a product he believes in while serving the community in a new, impactful way.

Early Business Challenges  

Andrew quickly learned to manage production, distribution, and marketing while facing new challenges. 

As the sole employee, he tackled supply chain logistics, quality control, and competition. He realized the importance of preparation, delegation, and strategic partnerships, key factors in his business’s sustained growth.

Building Arbo’s Cheese Empire  

Andrew Arbogast’s relentless drive established a strong network of distributors, allowing Arbo’s Cheese Dip to scale nationwide. 

He forged strategic deals with major retailers like Walmart and Kroger, achieving broad market penetration. 

His strategic partnerships and commitment to excellence helped his brand grow into a significant player in the competitive cheese dip industry.

Product Development  

Andrew fine-tuned his family’s cheese dip recipe to ensure the consistent quality customers and retailers demanded. 

By prioritizing product development, he maintained a superior taste and texture, setting Arbo’s Cheese apart. 

His attention to detail and commitment to flavor helped cement the brand’s reputation for excellence.

Retail Expansion  

Focusing on logistics and partnerships, Andrew expanded Arbo’s Cheese Dip to five major retail chains across 22 states. 

His meticulous planning ensured efficient distribution and a steady product supply, helping the brand meet growing demand while maintaining shelf space in popular supermarkets nationwide.

Navigating Distribution Challenges  

Andrew Arbogast encountered predatory practices among distributors who exploited his lack of experience, quickly realizing the importance of negotiating contracts meticulously to safeguard his business. 

These challenges compelled him to advocate for transparency and fair treatment, solidifying his resolve to form mutually beneficial partnerships. 

His approach has since ensured a more ethical distribution network that values fairness and accountability.

Unfair Freight Costs  

Andrew identified inflated freight costs that were far higher than expected. He challenged these charges, demanding transparency from the distributors and fighting to correct the discrepancies. 

His insistence on fairness ensured that his business wasn’t taken advantage of by hidden fees, setting a precedent for ethical partnerships.

Complex Deductions  

Unethical deductions further complicated Arbo’s financials, leading Andrew to push back. 

He discovered convoluted charges that lacked clear explanations and advocated for transparent billing practices. 

By questioning these deductions, he protected his business from exploitation and emphasized the importance of scrutinizing every transaction.

Developing a Support Network  

Andrew Arbogast turned to the CEO Circle, a veteran entrepreneurial network, to refine his strategies and gain invaluable support. 

This close-knit community offered candid advice, encouragement, and camaraderie, helping Andrew grow his business. 

The culture of mutual learning fostered by the group proved crucial to his success, offering him practical guidance and a trusted network of fellow veteran entrepreneurs.

Finding Mentors  

Mentors like fellow veteran Freddie Kim played a key role, offering tough love and practical advice that pushed Andrew to hire support staff. 

Their guidance helped him navigate operational challenges, refine his processes, and scale his business strategically, ensuring that Arbo’s Cheese remained a top contender in a competitive market.

Giving Back  

Andrew’s own success has inspired him to give back to the veteran community. He now helps fellow entrepreneurs by providing them with resources and guidance through the CEO Circle. 

By sharing his journey, he aims to help other veterans avoid the pitfalls he encountered and build sustainable businesses that uplift their communities.

Expanding with Purpose  

Arbo’s Cheese Dip continues to expand strategically under Andrew Arbogast’s leadership. 

He applies his military training to prioritize long-term growth while managing cash flow, production quality, and distribution logistics. 

His disciplined approach ensures that his product’s availability and brand reputation remain strong as the company scales up nationwide.

Cash Flow Management  

Andrew aligns production and delivery with his cash flow, ensuring efficient and timely distribution. 

By tracking financial metrics and growth trends, he maintains steady expansion without overextending the business. This calculated growth helps the company meet demand while protecting against financial pitfalls.

Quality Control  

Maintaining quality and consistency across thousands of stores demands Andrew’s meticulous attention to detail. 

He closely monitors production to meet Arbo’s high standards, reinforcing the brand’s reputation and customer trust while ensuring the product’s reliability and appeal.

Building a Resilient Brand  

Andrew Arbogast’s dedication to ethical business practices reflects his military values. 

He prioritizes offering high-quality, trustworthy products that consistently meet customer expectations. 

By staying true to his principles, he has built a resilient brand that maintains customer loyalty and establishes Arbo’s Cheese Dip as a leading name in the food industry.

Transparency with Customers  

Andrew values transparency in his operations, ensuring customers and suppliers understand his processes. He openly communicates quality standards, sourcing methods, and practices, fostering trust. 

This honesty reassures consumers that Arbo’s Cheese Dip remains dedicated to delivering the best products possible.

Veteran Advocacy  

Arbo’s Cheese Dip’s success empowers Andrew to advocate for veterans and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurship. 

He uses his platform to share valuable insights and resources with fellow veterans. 

By highlighting his journey, Andrew inspires others to harness their military skills and pursue their business aspirations confidently.

Leadership Takeaways from Combat and Business  

To Andrew Arbogast, leadership is not just about issuing commands. He emphasizes listening actively, empowering others, and leading by example. 

Whether in the military or business, these principles are crucial for building resilient teams capable of adapting, thriving, and confidently tackling challenges. 

He believes that strong leadership creates an environment where individuals feel motivated and empowered to reach their full potential.

Communication Skills  

Clear, empathetic communication motivates teams and ensures customer satisfaction. Andrew recognizes that listening is just as crucial as speaking when resolving issues and conveying goals.

Effective communication enables his team to collaborate smoothly, adapt to changes, and meet customer needs.

Empowering Teams  

Andrew advocates for providing his team with the autonomy and resources they need to reach their potential. He believes in trusting individuals to make decisions within their areas of expertise. 

This empowerment creates a motivated, agile team that takes ownership of challenges and pursues solutions creatively.

The Role of Community in Success  

Community networks like the CEO Circle and veteran support organizations have been instrumental in Andrew Arbogast’s growth. 

They provided essential resources, guidance, and a sense of belonging. 

These networks have empowered Andrew to pursue business success while fostering a supportive environment where veterans can connect and share experiences.

Networking Opportunities  

These organizations create valuable networking opportunities that help businesses find investors, partners, and mentors. 

They connect like-minded individuals who share insights, introduce new connections, and collaborate on projects.

Such relationships have been pivotal in helping Andrew expand his network and grow his business strategically.

Support Systems  

These organizations also offer a sense of camaraderie, helping veterans like Andrew overcome self-doubt and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. 

By connecting members with shared experiences and challenges, they provide support systems that encourage resilience, promote positive mindset shifts, and enable veterans to confidently tackle their goals.

Preparing for Future Growth  

As Arbo’s Cheese Dip continues to expand, Andrew Arbogast plans to hire more veterans to build a cohesive team aligned with his business goals. 

He creates a supportive environment that prioritizes veterans’ skills and potential, ensuring sustainable growth while positively contributing to the veteran community. 

By leveraging their resilience, adaptability, and creativity, Andrew will build a dynamic team that drives innovation and embodies his company’s core values.

Veteran Hiring Strategy  

Andrew’s veteran hiring strategy aims to build a dynamic team embodying resilience, creativity, and adaptability. He believes veterans are ideal candidates due to their problem-solving skills and ability to thrive under pressure. 

This approach creates a work culture aligned with his values, driving innovation and efficiency.

New Market Exploration  

Andrew is exploring new markets and retailers to extend Arbo’s Cheese Dip strategically and responsibly. 

This process involves thorough market research, partnership cultivation, and customer engagement. 

He aims to identify opportunities that align with Arbo’s growth trajectory, ensuring the brand maintains its reputation while entering diverse markets.

Andrew Arbogast’s Journey: From Apache Pilot to Cheese Commander  

Andrew Arbogast’s journey from Apache pilot to successful entrepreneur demonstrates the transformative power of resilience and adaptability. 

His unwavering dedication to ethical leadership and veterans’ advocacy has shaped Arbo’s Cheese Dip into a brand that inspires both veterans and civilians. 

Through community support, strategic planning, and transparent business practices, Andrew continues to expand his enterprise, proving that with courage and purpose, one can turn challenges into opportunities and build a legacy that benefits all.

About Arbo’s Cheese Dip

Arbo’s Cheese Dip delivers family-inspired flavors in Original, Spicy, and Queso Blanco varieties. 

Proudly veteran-owned and gluten-free, this versatile dip is keto-friendly and made with high-quality ingredients. 

Each purchase supports the veteran community. Learn more at

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